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States of Guernsey: Do it online with E-Forms

States of Guernsey:

Do it online with E-Forms

Confidential Revenue Service Evasion Form
Revenue Service Evasion Form
This online evasion form has been set up to enable you to provide the vital information required in order to help prevent or stop evasion of tax and contributions. All the information that you hold, however small, may be of relevance. The Revenue Service has a dedicated unit assigned to the task of investigating tax and contribution evasion and any information provided by you is taken very seriously.

Please note that the source of any information you provide is treated in the strictest confidence (see section 3 below).

Should you prefer to provide this information in a different manner, this can also be provided either by telephone, email or by post. The contact details are as follows:

Hotline: 01481 227900


The Director
Revenue Service
P.O. Box 37
St Peter Port

This form is split into 3 sections:

Section 1 Requests details about the individual, business or company being reported.

Section 2 Requests details of the activity or activities being reported.

Section 3 Requests your details or you may remain anonymous if you wish.

When completing the form, only complete the boxes relevant to the information held by you and the disclosure that you wish to make.

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